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John Monkhouse

Bob Phillips

Dave Davidson

Susan Follows

History of the Quartet

John, Dave and Susan met while attending the University of Western Ontario to study music in the early 1980's. Since they all lived in the Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo area, they inevitably played together at a number of venues. In 1994 Jim Edwards moved nearby to Guelph and met the trio while playing in the area.

As the foursome continued to cross paths and their sound matured, they decided to formalize their group in 2003 and the SlidebySlide trombone quartet was born. In 2013, Jim Edwards accepted a position at the Banff School of Fine Arts, at which time Bob Phillips assumed his position in the quartet.

Visit with each of the players to learn about their musical background and the horn each has chosen to play.



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