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Susan Follows

Susan Follows

Susan played in the Stratford Shakespearean Festival Orchestra and Orchestra London after graduating from the University of Western Ontario.  In 1985 she moved to Germany, formed a brass trio, started three Posaunenchore and taught at the Niederrheinische Musikschule and the Moerser Musikschule.  Since returning in 1988 she has been teaching music in the Waterloo Region.  She performs with Brassroots, Windjammers, Wellington Winds and conducts Ebytown Brass.  Susan enjoys writing arrangements for brass ensembles.


Susan plays an independent F/D double valved Shires bass trombone with a standard .562 bore slide and a BII 1Y bell. Her preferred mouthpiece is a 108GR George Roberts.

Shires Trombones

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